Happy White Day!

14 Mar

Exactly one month after Valentine’s Day, comes March 14th – White Day ホワイトデー.  Don’t ask me why its white and not purple or teal or mahogany.  It is a celebrated “holiday” in Japan  and white day basically means that the guys will get to decide whether they’re going to return the favor to the female of the species who gave them honmei-choco” [chocolate of love] or “giri-choco” [courtesy chocolate] on Valentine’s Day… Naturally, my not-so-glamorous V-day confession won’t get a favourable return.

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Hataraki Mode ON!

07 Mar

This is it – my not so official announcement of me leaving the N.E.E.T society. It’s high time to put the thinking cap back on. The mere CASHLESS society that I’ve been dwelling in is making me deprived & desperate (major pun intended aka. CREDIT).

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Rejected on Valentine’s Day

15 Feb

Happie V Dae guys! .. I know I know I’m a little late. But only because I’m feeling so dejected and so I thought I’m entitled to claim the benefits from Operation Total Rejection… you know pout, grumble, stare, stone, drink, complain and then experience the wonders of insomnia.  But then I guess I procrastinated for 26 hours too, before this came live. I’m just so terrible at being on time sometimes. I blame hormonal imbalance.  I mean hey, what’s a girl to do?! My “confession” failed.. LOL  so here goes…

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Japanese TV ads

12 Feb

All about Japanese TV ads. The good, the bad and the I-don’t-know-what-happened. The one thing I like about Japanese commercials is … well , how bizarre they can be. While I’ve been in the advertising industry all my life (well, since I graduate that is) I try to link it back to the theories my professors have enlightened me with. But I guess sometimes, even the most culturally sensitive neurotransmitter in me has to acknowledge that Japanese commercials simply refutes all common senses.

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Signum Needes … Me

04 Feb


Some cuite dashing towards you…

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Airbrushed Gundam 00

03 Feb

Another airbrushed Gundam 00 that’s worth mentioning. Last year I received my baby and Zinc airbrushed it white for me. Totally loved that but the guy who did the above – I kudos to him. He ( I assumed its a He)  created his own decals to scale using Illustrator, then painstakingly pritnted and attached them to his 1/44 masterpiece. Heck it comes with glow in the dark parts as well. Check out how he did it and what colours he used at his site.  It’s in Japanese though.. but you can get it easily translated at one of those online translation sites. The author mentioned that its really worth all the hard work and effort – spoken by a true fan!

More pictures after the jump.

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Treating Kanaru

28 Jan


My friend recently told me that he’d be entrusting me two of his precious babies and asked me to take care of them. For a moment, that scary image of wailing babies squeezed its way into my grey cells followed by the horrible image of me flushing the babies down the toilet bowl.  Turned out, his babies are made of plastic.

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Reel vs Real Anime

21 Jan


[Picture Intensive] I was cruising on good vibes when I decided to try watching another magical girl anime show. Turned out its nothing like any other magical (kiddish) girl anime I’ve watched before. Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na koto ~ Natsu no Sora~ ( 魔法遣いに大切なこと ~夏のソラ~) is last year’s summer anime and I’m not trying to do a review here cos I’m just terrible at it. :P  I’m only VERY infatuated with the production for this anime. (ヽ(・。・#)ノ

Reel: Drug store. Notice the subtle name change from the original one below


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PlayStation 3 Cabinet

18 Jan

Together with the GT5 Pod, I would also die for one of these Ultimate PS3 Gaming cabinets at home.

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Nekoguchi 2.0

16 Jan is back! If you’ve been clicking on the link and getting some awe-inspiring, eccentric message ..that’s Mervyn snickering behind the scenes. Well truth be told, we shifted servers and because yours truly is a such a complete technical incompetent, its taken us some moons to get the back end in va-va-vroom running order. Must thank Mervyn again for the migration!

Lately, I’ve been asking my friends if they felt the year went by like lightning. You know, one flash and it’s gone. I had intended to do a year end summary of 2008 but I forgot that nekoguchi’s not up yet. LOL. Basically these few festive months few by in a whiz and I’ve missed a couple of important events to rant about.

1) Nekoguchi’s 1 year birthday went by in total silence haha

2) Christmas – meli kurisumasu! (if its not too late)

3) New Year – ake ome! (this one too)

4) many other otaku events like the Tokyo Game Show in Tokyo last year, Danny Choo’s blogging workshop in Singapore and EOY in December last year. and oh ..

5) my home coming and joining the NEET society.

Anyhoolaloos, the blog’s back alive now and as a start,  I decided to change the theme to give it a different feel just cause I suddenly experienced a flash of web 2.0 epiphany.  Haha! I hope a fresh new start can get traffic back up from its current sub zero state and I must thank the few that were concerned over nekoguchi’s health during its period of hospitalization.

So to put it explicitly, new year resolution no.1- fresh content!


Tokyo Life 4 – Nasu Kogen 那須高原

18 Sep

One fine morning, I woke up and realised that my days in Tokyo are numbered and there’s so much more I wanna see. ! So I went on a one day drive to Nasu (那須) –  a region in northern Tochigi Prefecture of Japan, with my local friend. It about 3 hours drive from Tokyo by a speeding car.

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Dragonball – The Movie

08 Sep

Dragonball – The Movie will be released come March & April in Japan and America respectively, next year.  I don’t know about you but the first time I saw this, my stomach churned!

Question is – will you watch?
Find out more at the official site.


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GT5P Pod

04 Sep

How cool is it to have this baby in your room! Now perhaps all you need are two things – money & space.

The GT5 P(rologue) Pod comes complete with a PS3 matching steering wheel, gears and pedals and a 40″ LCD of I’m-not-sure-what-brand. Seems like the speakers are placed out  of the pod though. More peeks here.


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Tokyo Life – Part 3

01 Sep

Okay this comes as a “little” late as I dawdle about suffering from summer holiday withdrawal syndrome. I went to a few places over the last couple of WEEKS and snapped up a quarter of a tone of images and then conveniently tucked them in one yellow folder in my memory stick and they’ve been screaming “PUT US AWAY WOMAN!” Procrastinator Number One, I tell you!

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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – Comiket edition

28 Aug

I’ve been watching Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (no its not Haruka above) and I think it kinda reflects a part of reality in some of us. I’m not entirely sure but I feel Japan’s fan-dom for the otaku culture is not entirely raging hot. I kinda notice that the culture isn’t readily welcomed with open arms by the locals so to speak.

When me and some of my otaku classmates were making small talk with our teacher and a bunch of school admin staff during one of our lunch breaks, they went “HUH” complete with goldfish eyes at the very point when we raved that we’re  manga/anime/game/cosplay/rock otakus and are crazy abut it here. It happened a few times with other locals as well. They just gave us THE LOOK – yes the “are you crazy” look, followed by a “why” question as dessert.

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Danny Choo – Chicken Soup for the Soul(less)

24 Aug

Japan’s been having some erratic weather recently. The sky’s been cooling the grounds intermittently between days and I’m starting to wonder if the weather’s working it’s enigma on me lately. I woke up feeling anything but refreshed and then I conveniently blame it on the weather that I’m feeling rather sedate.

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Comiket 74 – The Sexy, The Moe & The I-Don’t-Know-What-Happened

22 Aug

I have a question. I have an underlying, unquestionably questionable question.

Actually, I have been questioned to question simply because I just wonder.

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Gundam EXPO Tokyo 2008

13 Aug

Living as a 貧乏binbou (sounds suspiciously like “bimbo”) means I have to understand what my wallet is going through and can’t splurge to feed my otaku fetish. . . And so I’ve missed the Cosplay summit in Nagoya, and the Wonder Festival here in Tokyo cos its not free admission. LOL.

I went to the Gundam EXPO yesterday though partly cos admission is free and its near where I’m staying. Trust me you’ll get kinda lazy wanting to go out in this dreaded weather even though its summer holidays now, but the force was calling me (and it was too great to overcome).

Anyway here are the drool bits from the event. I must admit I’m just a Gundam supporter ..not a die hard, hard core fan (yet) so I went there with only erm 40% knowledge of what’s going on.

* Picture intensive post
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Strike Witches OP – Re-make

10 Aug

Slice Cheese (Strike Witches Opening – Limited Edition)

I’ve been watching Strike Witches and find the OP song (Watashi ni Dekiru Koto by Ishida Youko) a “power-up” especially at the start of a school/work day. Did some curious runs through YouTube and found this sliced cheese made from a string of over 2000 shots, in just 12 days! Loved the way the “Slice Cheese” pun was added into the scene at the time stamp of 0.27 and the Gundam fight scenes are  just way too smooth! Comes with gunfire and smoke!.

I tried to do something like this with Evangelion’s OP on Flash some many years back but it turned out to be a total failure. This 3D version is way cooler!


Air burshed Gundam Exia

06 Aug

Remember seeing something similar some time back?

Now it really does exist!

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