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Softbank 921SH – The faceoff of FullFace 2

31 Jan



Move over iPhone. Hello (not moto but) Softbank 921 SH.

I’ve always had an immense interest with Japanese phones. I was devastated (and I mean REALLY devastated) that my 2 year old imported 903SH got into a coma and finally died despite numerous attempts of resurrection by kind Mervyn last year. After that, nothing has satisfied my hunger for another comparable phone in the sucky local market.

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S.O.Y. 2008 CosPlay Event

26 Jan


S.O.Y. Cosplay’08: “The Beginning” organised by Japanese Tsubasa Club in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

This is me first time shooting a cosplay event. Heck its my first time shooting ANY event. I’ve got Windbell to thank for letting me in on the juicy bait.

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Super Modified Zeta Gundam

20 Jan


There’s no denying it. I simply love the mosquito-faced Zeta Gundam. After fixing up a couple of those Bandai produce, it got to me that the parts are really from the exact same mold so to speak. When the Zeta Unicorn came out I was already thinking twice about buying it. It wasn’t long before I craved for a more special looking one. Something more unique, something not mass produced, something that I can build if I’ve got more time… Something like one of these gorgeous bots.

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Figurine Massacre

19 Jan


I’m the murderer! I’ve basically minced, blended, creamed, clobbered, and KO’ed my figz to Kingdom come!

Because I’m about to move, many of my friends have SUDDENLY bothered to clear a space in their cluttered homes and offered to house my figures for me so I’d have fewer boxes to take care of (how nice). . . . Well, bad news is. . .I’ve decided to kill them all! If I can’t have them, so can’t you! *evil laff*

And so my unofficial guide to ways of disposing my plastics started:
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日本へようこそ! I’m in Japan!

17 Jan

Haven’t been posting much as I was busy with preparations for school in Japan, resignation, and moving over. Finally I’m here! I’ll be in Japan studying the language and assimilating their culture. Now that I’ve almost settled down, classes have started, I realized I may not even have much time to watch my animes! I’m going to be here for at least a year and hope that when I’ve gotten the hang of things I’d have time to do my otaku-ish stuff and update you guys on what’s new and cool in Japan. While I’ve been gone, Dice has been performing a terrific job of updating the site with contents and I hope she’ll continue to do so ;)

I’m staying in Tokyo and perhaps I’d be able to meet up with Danny sometime when he’s free to bring me around and do fun stuff together.

Gonna hit the books so as to be able to keep up with my class, signing out for now. Cheers!


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Ignis figure

03 Jan


Ignis, also known as Igunis, is a character from another nottie game called Jingai Makyo: Chaos Gate. She was supposed to be a Japanese elf with a common hatred for monsters (oooh what’s new?) Whatever and wherever she’s from, she has proved her figurine worth to have four manufactures produce their own version.

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Death Note 3 – L Change the WorLd

01 Jan


Finally the long awaited 3rd movie of the Death Note series is coming out next February in Japan . It depicts the last 23 days of L’s life. Oh please don’t let him die! He’s too cute to die!

Check out the very nice trailer! I admit I haven’t been following the manga or the anime thoroughly enough but it looks like there’s a new girl now and I wonder if there’s going to be a new Shinigami!

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Happy New Year 2008!

01 Jan



It’s 2 hours past midnight here and I’m just done with the fireworks photos. It’s my first attempt *blush* with night photography & fireworks shots; so please pardon any faults ¬(^.*)¬

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