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20 Apr

OK! My “Get-up-and-go” has just “Got-up-and-went”!

I’m leaving!!!

I’ve finally creamed clobbered, minced, vaporized, kissed off, knocked off, slapped off my work to kingdom come! For 2 weeks, I will run! So then, there may not be much happening here at nekoguchi within these two weeks.

Well. . .not that there’s pretty much happening here lately because. . . all the happening’s at work! LOL. (And I’m real sorry for that) (-.-)

I escaping to somewhere where they have nicer ebi & pork burgers (hint hint ^_^)and you’ll be sure to hear of it when I’m back. Meanwhile, hang in there! *grinz*


Ice Rain

12 Apr

Stumbled upon an email with nature’s beauty attached. Indeed its the brilliant work of Mother Nature. I know its Spring now in most countries but I’ve really never set eyes on such before. I wonder how the ice actually forms! Perhaps a heavy shower then a sudden drop in temperature? It even has the patterns on the leaves. . . like a cold icy replica of the real thing. The location in the photos was said to be somewhere in South China. Needless to say one can never find such beauty from where I come from.

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Experimenting Kotobukiya’s Kureha

08 Apr