Air burshed Gundam Exia

06 Aug

Remember seeing something similar some time back?

Now it really does exist!

It’s my birthday gift from Zinc and I think the makeshift stand is really cute! Last year he air brushed this SD Zeta Red Snake with wonderful outlines and tattoos.

This year its a white Exia. I think I’m going to get the Jumbo Zeta for him to air-brush next year!

Check out the gleaming SD Guan Yu Gandam and an Armored Core Rayleonard 03 Aaliyah that I think is worth submitting for competition. In fact, I heard there’s some competition going to take place. Will dig up more info on that.

Air-brushing seems to be taking off quite well in Singapore. It’s definitely a hobby worth investing though I think it does take up a lot of time (and masking tape) LOL.

You can see more of Zinc’s works at his multiply site.


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  1. gordon

    Wednesday, 6 August, 2008 at 23:20

    looks awesome! it’s your birthday? 誕生日おめでとう. if i ever learnt airbrushing, i’ll paint u one next year. haha.

    btw i have moved to a new blog
    do drop by when u are free. cheers!

  2. dice

    Friday, 8 August, 2008 at 19:17

    @ Gordon: Nah my birthday’s over last month. Took me some time to update this space. LOL. I think air-brushing and weathering models are fun but it’s something that I definitely don’t have the time (and money) for :D

  3. Ellene

    Sunday, 10 August, 2008 at 15:14

    its so nice…seriously, i think its great being able to air-brush and weather models as good as zinc, though same as you, no time and $$…sigh..not to mention, i’m easy to sway when i saw my fav characters’ figurines on the market…my poor wallet..