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Japanese mission: to ani-mize & manga-ize the world

29 Dec


Japan intends to send out Japanese language teachers (an army of them I hope) abroad to introduce anime, manga, and other aspects of the Jappy culture that the rest of the world. Oh Yippie!

Beginning April 2008, 30 such teachers will be dispatched to a few east European countries such as Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria, where there is a growing interest in Japanese culture especially manga, or comics.

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27 Dec

The anime Vexille is released on the big screens here in Singapore today.

Special programme in Japanese

I first chanced upon the write up for this film while scouring for more juicy anime back in Q1 this year and it immediately struck me that it’s a must watch even though there’s only a miserable unattractive picture & the slightly dry synopsis below:

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Recycled Vs Expired Christmas Gifts

25 Dec


Jolly greetings from Nekoguchi!

Tis the season to be giving . . . (expired gifts?!?!) There’s nothing wrong with recycling your presents, especially when you know that you will NOT use them. But . . .

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Yakuza Moon – Memoirs of a Gangster’s Daughter

23 Dec


Yakuza Moon – Memoirs of a Gangster’s Daughter | 極道な月
By: Tendo Shoko | 天藤湘子
Publisher: Kondasha International

I’ve been feeling pretty bumped about life over the last few moons when I chanced upon this book. The loud graphic (of the author) & bold title immediately caught my eye. It was Shoko Tendo – a Yakuza‘s daughter’s autobiography.

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Revoltech Danbo Figure

16 Dec


I’m shifting out of my house by February next year and every thing’s a mess with cardboard boxes all over the place. I’ve actually kept all my photography stuff but when my friend handed me something similar to THIS cardboard box, I simply can’t help but whip out my camera and start shooting.

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