Happy White Day!

14 Mar

Exactly one month after Valentine’s Day, comes March 14th – White Day ホワイトデー.  Don’t ask me why its white and not purple or teal or mahogany.  It is a celebrated “holiday” in Japan  and white day basically means that the guys will get to decide whether they’re going to return the favor to the female of the species who gave them honmei-choco” [chocolate of love] or “giri-choco” [courtesy chocolate] on Valentine’s Day… Naturally, my not-so-glamorous V-day confession won’t get a favourable return.

So if you’re going to return your favour don’t give her back the same chocolates that might have already become mouldy. You’re expected to return with a more expensive gift to express your lurve. Ohhh another benefit of being a gurl.

Apparently White Day is also observed in Taiwan & Korea. For the latter there’s even a subsequent Black Day for the singles. How relevant!

But the champion goes to the a bunch of Americans who decided to dedicate March 14 to Steak & Blow Job day (I leave it to your imagination what it’s all about). The essence in short,  is for women to erm express how much they er care for their dudes. Very creative! LOL!


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  1. TK8316

    Sunday, 15 March, 2009 at 00:03

    the reason it’s called white day is because of the sugar used to make the candy/chocolate.

    “You’re expected to return with a more expensive gift to express your lurve.” so u are thinking along the line of say diamonds?

  2. radiant

    Sunday, 15 March, 2009 at 11:37

    Happy Stake & Blow Job Day. I don’t think there’s much imagination required. :\

    Dang, had you as a facebook friend for sometime and didn’t actually get to adding you to my blogroll! Gonna go do that right now! *sneaks off*