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Tokyo Life 4 – Nasu Kogen 那須高原

18 Sep

One fine morning, I woke up and realised that my days in Tokyo are numbered and there’s so much more I wanna see. ! So I went on a one day drive to Nasu (那須) –  a region in northern Tochigi Prefecture of Japan, with my local friend. It about 3 hours drive from Tokyo by a speeding car.

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Dragonball – The Movie

08 Sep

Dragonball – The Movie will be released come March & April in Japan and America respectively, next year.  I don’t know about you but the first time I saw this, my stomach churned!

Question is – will you watch?
Find out more at the official site.


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GT5P Pod

04 Sep

How cool is it to have this baby in your room! Now perhaps all you need are two things – money & space.

The GT5 P(rologue) Pod comes complete with a PS3 matching steering wheel, gears and pedals and a 40″ LCD of I’m-not-sure-what-brand. Seems like the speakers are placed out  of the pod though. More peeks here.


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Tokyo Life – Part 3

01 Sep

Okay this comes as a “little” late as I dawdle about suffering from summer holiday withdrawal syndrome. I went to a few places over the last couple of WEEKS and snapped up a quarter of a tone of images and then conveniently tucked them in one yellow folder in my memory stick and they’ve been screaming “PUT US AWAY WOMAN!” Procrastinator Number One, I tell you!

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