Japan Travel – Miyajima at Hiroshima

25 Apr


It dawned upon me that I’m not staying in Tokyo anymore and hence shouldn’t be using that Life in Tokyo title every time I blog about Japan. LOL. So  I’ve been intending to change that for moons and here I sat till the cows came home and yet all I could master was an unoriginal “Japan Travel”  How boring!

Anyhoos,  decided to dedicate the first Japan Travel post to Hiroshima not because I’m becoming more of a Sanitarian but simply cos this place left a huge impression for all the wrong reasons when I was there. I swear it felt like I was participating in the Amazing Race!

So here you go *deep breath*


2) Madness itinerary – Was supposed to head south to Hiroshima from Kyoto which will take 2 hrs and then to head back to Kyoto to pick up luggage then take another train down to Nagoya and transfer to Takayama, all in one day.

3) Mixed up transfer routes hence became even LATER (you do realise that if you’re late in the beginning of the journey, you screw up the rest of your train transfer times and may not even make it to your last destination in time) and so I panicked. . .

4) it was foggy (DANG! No more nice peektures and to think I was so psyched up going to a world heritage place to shoot one of the three most beautiful places in Japan!)

5) it was raining! (double dang! – have to hold umbrella while struggling with your heavy dslr and gear

6) mood goes down~!


I know my photos are pretty crappy and there’s not a lot of it to do enough justice to the place. Heck I was there for like 2 hours and it took me like 4 just to travel!

Hiroshima_miyajima_03Itsukushima Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Yes it was foggy but it somehow set that mysterious mood.


Bambi got thirsty. Salt water will do!


Deers on Miyajima are called Nihonjika “Japanese deer”. Caught this Bambi cleaning herself..

Oysters are a plenty during February. If I had stay that weekend, it would had been their local Oysters Festival to which they eat! (duh!)

Anyway Miyajima is a small town on the island of Itsukushima. If you’re heading there, take a Shinkansen train to Hiroshima station, transfer to Miyajimaguchi which takes about 26 mins and then take a 10 min  ferry ride to Miyajima. (and don’t be like this idiot who thought that the ferry terminal is at Hiroshima station!)

By the way two ferry companies operate between Miyajimaguchi and Miyajima island; the JR ferry and the Miyajima Matsudai Kisen. Yes tourists with the JR pass should not be taking the less obvious! LOL

If you’re driving or flying in, check out the routes here

I reckon I should plan better the next time I visit.. seriously man, where are the blue skies and golden sunshine? I wanna see the kira kira reflecting in dat sea!


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