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Treating Kanaru

28 Jan


My friend recently told me that he’d be entrusting me two of his precious babies and asked me to take care of them. For a moment, that scary image of wailing babies squeezed its way into my grey cells followed by the horrible image of me flushing the babies down the toilet bowl.  Turned out, his babies are made of plastic.

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Reel vs Real Anime

21 Jan


[Picture Intensive] I was cruising on good vibes when I decided to try watching another magical girl anime show. Turned out its nothing like any other magical (kiddish) girl anime I’ve watched before. Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na koto ~ Natsu no Sora~ ( 魔法遣いに大切なこと ~夏のソラ~) is last year’s summer anime and I’m not trying to do a review here cos I’m just terrible at it. :P  I’m only VERY infatuated with the production for this anime. (ヽ(・。・#)ノ

Reel: Drug store. Notice the subtle name change from the original one below


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PlayStation 3 Cabinet

18 Jan

Together with the GT5 Pod, I would also die for one of these Ultimate PS3 Gaming cabinets at home.

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Nekoguchi 2.0

16 Jan is back! If you’ve been clicking on the link and getting some awe-inspiring, eccentric message ..that’s Mervyn snickering behind the scenes. Well truth be told, we shifted servers and because yours truly is a such a complete technical incompetent, its taken us some moons to get the back end in va-va-vroom running order. Must thank Mervyn again for the migration!

Lately, I’ve been asking my friends if they felt the year went by like lightning. You know, one flash and it’s gone. I had intended to do a year end summary of 2008 but I forgot that nekoguchi’s not up yet. LOL. Basically these few festive months few by in a whiz and I’ve missed a couple of important events to rant about.

1) Nekoguchi’s 1 year birthday went by in total silence haha

2) Christmas – meli kurisumasu! (if its not too late)

3) New Year – ake ome! (this one too)

4) many other otaku events like the Tokyo Game Show in Tokyo last year, Danny Choo’s blogging workshop in Singapore and EOY in December last year. and oh ..

5) my home coming and joining the NEET society.

Anyhoolaloos, the blog’s back alive now and as a start,  I decided to change the theme to give it a different feel just cause I suddenly experienced a flash of web 2.0 epiphany.  Haha! I hope a fresh new start can get traffic back up from its current sub zero state and I must thank the few that were concerned over nekoguchi’s health during its period of hospitalization.

So to put it explicitly, new year resolution no.1- fresh content!