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GT5P Pod

04 Sep

How cool is it to have this baby in your room! Now perhaps all you need are two things – money & space.

The GT5 P(rologue) Pod comes complete with a PS3 matching steering wheel, gears and pedals and a 40″ LCD of I’m-not-sure-what-brand. Seems like the speakers are placed out  of the pod though. More peeks here.


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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

22 Mar


I stumbled upon this site with absolutely eye popping gorgeous peektures of the prologue game that hit 1 million pre orders. Makes me wonder how many will the full version of the game fetch! I must say that while I was submerged at the whip hands of work, Japanese lessons and the whole house shifting + unpacking saga, I haven’t had much chance to do justice to the set & the game that my good ‘o friends bought me for X’mas last year… much less screen capture nice pix and post it up. I swear after smashing my brains with da knock out images I’m so going to set up my PS3 like. . . ok tomorrow morning! (ya ya it’s still in da box) -.-!


More peektures after the jump.

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Recycled Vs Expired Christmas Gifts

25 Dec


Jolly greetings from Nekoguchi!

Tis the season to be giving . . . (expired gifts?!?!) There’s nothing wrong with recycling your presents, especially when you know that you will NOT use them. But . . .

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