Comiket 74 – The Sexy, The Moe & The I-Don’t-Know-What-Happened

22 Aug

I have a question. I have an underlying, unquestionably questionable question.

Actually, I have been questioned to question simply because I just wonder.

So here goes nothing. (Or everything~) Why is it that on rainy days, one tend to be more of a slacker? Why does the mood sink and the dark aura surrounds? Tokyo’s been having some weird weather lately and it’s surprisingly cool today (not complaining) but why that day when I went to Comiket 74 and why today when I’m going to the Ghibli Studios. I need the sun!

Its only at this point I realise. . . that in fact. . . . I have more than one question (-.-).

Yes it’s been almost a week and I know the blog’s been awfully quite. I’m just terrible at maintaining one! (no I’m not proud of that). Anyway, here’s something which I thought would be something of an un-cut version of the third day of Comiket 74. Sorry nothing thats NSFW… too embarrassed to take those. LOL.

Lots of little cute ones welcome you

At the exit of Kokusai Tenjijo Station. They all line up in style

The sea of Otakus. . .

. . . stretches to the insides of Tokyo Big Sight.

Many doujinshi stalls. Sales hit a sky high!

Yes drink up the new Comic Water to replenish all the blood you’ve lost tru nose bleeding.

Ah the Cosplay. It was cut short that day due to bad weather but heres the deal. Check out the Hot, the Warm and those that have Lost its Sizzle. I’m sure you can tell.

She’s got the best spot cos I feel she’s one of the best cos-players that afternoon.

I love taking photos of people taking photos. I hope they don’t mind.

This bunch was actually taking a shot of bunny Haruhi. I find them more interesting to take.

Very cool old-skool camera.

Comes complete with mini luggage.

. . . . .

I had the best laff out of this one!

There were actually some drags but the shots turned out bad. I really admire their guts for dressing up as the opposite side in all its glory though. Tsk! 残念!

I actually wanted to buy that poster but it wasn’t for sale.

Ok truth be hold, the weather has dealt me in and my camera became heavy as lead, so I didn’t take much pictures.

Ok further truth be hold. I got lazy :|

I actually had the honour of meeting some of the fellow bloggers online and I find it exceedingly awesome that we actually met up in a land that we all don’t belong to, not to mention, now that I can finally put a face to names. Haha~ I’m sure you can find more eye boggling details at their site which covers more extensively :D

Ron from Ota Desho

Adun from Moe Moe Rabu

Windbell from Moeside

Rin from Koi Aichaku


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  1. Adun

    Saturday, 23 August, 2008 at 21:10

    If only I could split myself into two I would send one to buy stuff and the other to go and take photos.

  2. melissa

    Monday, 25 August, 2008 at 01:04

    e horse man is super funny!
    esp e shot with him resting his arm on top of something

  3. Debitto

    Thursday, 28 August, 2008 at 23:08

    Well, i’m like shock with the pictures you published, what’s that boy about gundam? XDDD, and what’s that boy with skirt is like me hehehe.’s

    I’m really tired today…and i don’t wanna do test…what happened with today’s test is like..what’s that kanji…hehehe and why don’t explain that exercice? XDDD