Gundam EXPO Tokyo 2008

13 Aug

Living as a 貧乏binbou (sounds suspiciously like “bimbo”) means I have to understand what my wallet is going through and can’t splurge to feed my otaku fetish. . . And so I’ve missed the Cosplay summit in Nagoya, and the Wonder Festival here in Tokyo cos its not free admission. LOL.

I went to the Gundam EXPO yesterday though partly cos admission is free and its near where I’m staying. Trust me you’ll get kinda lazy wanting to go out in this dreaded weather even though its summer holidays now, but the force was calling me (and it was too great to overcome).

Anyway here are the drool bits from the event. I must admit I’m just a Gundam supporter ..not a die hard, hard core fan (yet) so I went there with only erm 40% knowledge of what’s going on.

* Picture intensive post

Sunshine City at Ikebukuro – They’re hosting a few other events like the Naruto Anniversary Exhibition & the Ultraman Festival.

Direction signs are located throughout the premises. You simply can’t miss it!

This is the backdrop for people to take photos with but there’s a super long queue in front of it that nobody else can get through.

RX 78 greets you at the entrance

Zaku on the shoot. There’s plenty of life (human) sized Gundams on display

Char’s custom Zaku. The eyes lit up actually

RX 78 taking off White Base. OK this is not life sized.

Summary poster of UC0079 one year war series.

A super big model from the Universal Century series.

Dopp Fighters

I don’t know what the RX-79G ground type was aiming at actually, maybe he’s just enjoying the view of RX-78 fighting Gouf.

It’s summer. Even Gundams need a break in the “pool”!

Digitally remastered compilation movies for the Zeta Gundam TV series with some new footage. Part of Gundam’s 25th Anniversary celebration.

Ooooh my BABY! Gundam Zeta 006

Hyaku Shiki!

Comrades in battle

Showdown between Nu Gundam and Sazabi in Char’s counterattack

I wish I have space for such displays.

Gundam GP01FB

Strike Gundam & Aegis from the SEED series

Strike Freedom looking wickedly cool

I don’t know …, I seriously think the world might just end if this kid’s the pilot.

Some old-skool vintage SDs

The warriors from the San Goku series.

I liked how they’ve used Sakura trees & a temple to soften the hardness of a rusty robot.

Limited Model. He’s cute!

Zeta & Gundam Nadleeh from Gundam 00 on the right..
Wondered why the put the 2 together since they’re from 2 different series and Nadleeh can’t transform and can purge it’s armour..

Tieria Erde, Allelujah Haptism, Lockon Stratos, Setsuna F Seiei, couldn’t look more cute.

Oh yes they can!

A damn cool Gundam Impulse.

MG Strike Freedom Extra Finish

Check out the dude standing behind.

Finally a Master Grade from the SEED series. Infinite Justice will be coming out in October!

Cast from the 00 series

Gundam Virtue : Nadleeh with armour = part time Hockey player

Kyrios, Dynames, Exia & Virtue

Various stages of construction of different grades/scale of Exia, from 1/144, to 1/60

Posters. Unfortunate they’re not for sale -.-!

A clumsy looking Kyrios… the only one that can transform in the 00 series.

GN-arms with trans-am exia with Lasse Aeon as pilot.

The two genetically altered super soldiers: Kyrios vs Tieren Taozi

Gundam 00 HG, showcasing its articulation

Season 2 hits the waves in October with weird fashion sense.

Gundam OST, OP/EDs and Singles.

Bluray animation on for sale.

Really cheap! Only 500+ – 600+ Yen


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  1. Orphen

    Wednesday, 13 August, 2008 at 12:31

    Sugoii!! How I wish they have something like this locally!! Thanks for the photos dice!!

  2. Adun

    Thursday, 14 August, 2008 at 13:52

    Funnily enough I was there on the same day. It was a pretty cool expo and seeing the large Zeta was just so awesome.

  3. gordon

    Wednesday, 20 August, 2008 at 22:50

    MG infinite justice gundam GET! but the mold doesn’t look MG-ish to me. looks like 1/100. :(

  4. Rin

    Thursday, 21 August, 2008 at 23:33

    Ah, I remember this. I went with Adun to this expo!!!!!!
    It was really cool with all the gundam stuff there!!!!!!
    So much Gundam and it makes me wanting to take them all home…

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