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Rejected on Valentine’s Day

15 Feb

Happie V Dae guys! .. I know I know I’m a little late. But only because I’m feeling so dejected and so I thought I’m entitled to claim the benefits from Operation Total Rejection… you know pout, grumble, stare, stone, drink, complain and then experience the wonders of insomnia.  But then I guess I procrastinated for 26 hours too, before this came live. I’m just so terrible at being on time sometimes. I blame hormonal imbalance.  I mean hey, what’s a girl to do?! My “confession” failed.. LOL  so here goes…

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Japanese TV ads

12 Feb

All about Japanese TV ads. The good, the bad and the I-don’t-know-what-happened. The one thing I like about Japanese commercials is … well , how bizarre they can be. While I’ve been in the advertising industry all my life (well, since I graduate that is) I try to link it back to the theories my professors have enlightened me with. But I guess sometimes, even the most culturally sensitive neurotransmitter in me has to acknowledge that Japanese commercials simply refutes all common senses.

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Signum Needes … Me

04 Feb


Some cuite dashing towards you…

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Airbrushed Gundam 00

03 Feb

Another airbrushed Gundam 00 that’s worth mentioning. Last year I received my baby and Zinc airbrushed it white for me. Totally loved that but the guy who did the above – I kudos to him. He ( I assumed its a He)  created his own decals to scale using Illustrator, then painstakingly pritnted and attached them to his 1/44 masterpiece. Heck it comes with glow in the dark parts as well. Check out how he did it and what colours he used at his site.  It’s in Japanese though.. but you can get it easily translated at one of those online translation sites. The author mentioned that its really worth all the hard work and effort – spoken by a true fan!

More pictures after the jump.

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