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Happy Ratty New Year !

07 Feb

Have a RATTY year!
Original Pix by Kirui
Just wanna wish everyone an auspicious & prosperous Chinese New Year!
~ Money money ching ching ching; for more moe moe bling bling bling! ~


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S.O.Y. 2008 CosPlay Event

26 Jan


S.O.Y. Cosplay’08: “The Beginning” organised by Japanese Tsubasa Club in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

This is me first time shooting a cosplay event. Heck its my first time shooting ANY event. I’ve got Windbell to thank for letting me in on the juicy bait.

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Happy New Year 2008!

01 Jan



It’s 2 hours past midnight here and I’m just done with the fireworks photos. It’s my first attempt *blush* with night photography & fireworks shots; so please pardon any faults ¬(^.*)¬

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Japanese mission: to ani-mize & manga-ize the world

29 Dec


Japan intends to send out Japanese language teachers (an army of them I hope) abroad to introduce anime, manga, and other aspects of the Jappy culture that the rest of the world. Oh Yippie!

Beginning April 2008, 30 such teachers will be dispatched to a few east European countries such as Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria, where there is a growing interest in Japanese culture especially manga, or comics.

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Recycled Vs Expired Christmas Gifts

25 Dec


Jolly greetings from Nekoguchi!

Tis the season to be giving . . . (expired gifts?!?!) There’s nothing wrong with recycling your presents, especially when you know that you will NOT use them. But . . .

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Yakuza Moon – Memoirs of a Gangster’s Daughter

23 Dec


Yakuza Moon – Memoirs of a Gangster’s Daughter | 極道な月
By: Tendo Shoko | 天藤湘子
Publisher: Kondasha International

I’ve been feeling pretty bumped about life over the last few moons when I chanced upon this book. The loud graphic (of the author) & bold title immediately caught my eye. It was Shoko Tendo – a Yakuza‘s daughter’s autobiography.

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Pork Burgers from Japan

13 Nov


Do they have these from where you come from?

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Japanese Bizarre Brassiere

09 Nov


Now that’s what I call drinking out of your own cups. . . . . . oops I mean bowls.

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Japanese Scarecrows

31 Oct

Japanese scarecrows that only show the legs.

If you’re visiting Japan and happen to come across these, please do not attempt to rescue them by pulling them out. They are actually scarecrows. Made in Japan, and only in Japan. :3

Via Danny Choo, Himazin


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Happy Halloween

29 Oct

nekoguchi goes Halloweeny!

Halloween’s not big here in Singapore but it certainly is quite so in Japan! There, the festival has become popular with the increasing influence of western pop culture. While Japan faces its aging population problem, the younger generation’s acceptance to western pop culture is evidently apparent during such events like Halloween where chance is given to cosplayers to dress up in Gothic Lolita and all its gory. Ooops, I meant glory.

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Japanese Emoticons

24 Oct

Ψ(`∇´)Ψ ヽ(´―`)ノ (*´д`*)  (´・ェ・`)  ヽ(;´Д`)ノ

What are those extremely cute smileys?!
Japanese emoticons are called Kaomoji 【顔文字【かおもじ】】 (face characters) or Emoji 【絵文字【えもじ】】 (picture characters). My first encounter with them was probably when I started playing Final Fantasy XI in 2002. At that time, the NA version hasn’t been released yet and the servers consisted of mainly Japanese players. While they were conversing, they used these very cute and expressive emoticons that I’ve never seen before. Then, I saw a fellow non-Japanese using it as well and I asked him what are these called. Kaomoji he replied, and told me I’d be able to find instructions on how to get them on a FFXI forum that we non-Japanese frequented. I went on the forum and browsed through the threads, sure enough, I came across one that taught users how to install Japanese emoticons for use in the game! This is what I am sharing in this post, how to use Japanese emoticons on your own english based PC.

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Are you a Hikikomori?

13 Oct

5 easy steps to tell if you’re Satō Tatsuhiro (above) number 2!

For those who have caught the popular anime Welcome to the N.H.K. (N・H・Kにようこそ, NHK ni Yōkoso), or read the novel & manga series by Tatsuhiko Takimoto (滝本竜彦), you’ll most probably be able to relate (either like thisclose OR t h i s a p a r t . . .) to the male protagonist Satō Tatsuhiro .

So . . . ever wondered if you’re a true blue Hikikomori or just what the hell it means? There’s always the below mini quiz* to find out for sure!

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Anime Look-Alike

11 Oct

Anime Look-Alike : Aburame Shino in battle stance with his arms stretched out in battle with Kankuro in the anime series Naruto.

Who do you think resembles Aburame Shino from Naruto in this image?

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