Happy Halloween

29 Oct

nekoguchi goes Halloweeny!

Halloween’s not big here in Singapore but it certainly is quite so in Japan! There, the festival has become popular with the increasing influence of western pop culture. While Japan faces its aging population problem, the younger generation’s acceptance to western pop culture is evidently apparent during such events like Halloween where chance is given to cosplayers to dress up in Gothic Lolita and all its gory. Ooops, I meant glory.

Gothic‘s pretty much comprehensible with its extreme makeup and monochrome tones, but Japanese being Japanese, they’ve thrown in Lolita fashion and hey presto~ you get Gothic Lolita – a new theme suitable for Halloween + Cosplay.

The origins of Halloween (The History Channel has an interesting write-up on it) may not be very much pursued in most Asian countries but the one thing I know that binds the festival to Asia, is something with no nationality; and way closer to heart – MONEY. *roll eyes*~

During such festival celebrations, most businesses have a natural tendency to thrive on the holiday season’s commercial aspects, such as from sale of decorations, costumes, food, etc. And thus we’ve decided to play along~

Ok. . . so we’ve changed our title banner image… and that’s pretty much it. So I guess that’s probably why we’re not making any money either. (;´Д`). .

Till Christmas then! ~


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  1. dt

    Monday, 29 October, 2007 at 20:50

    Happy Halloween to all readers of!

  2. dt

    Monday, 29 October, 2007 at 21:02

    Actually, the popularity of Halloween has grown in stature over the last few years, thanks to all the various parties strewn over the island- zouk, attica, etc etc, people actually dress up and go to these parties..but I guess it ranks behind japan..although the gothic lolita theme would be a good one for next year’s halloween party….=)