Amazon Revoltech Danbo

23 Nov

So what do you do after much success with the line up of super cool robots & mecha? You go back to brown paper packages and make THOSE cool! And when that has gotten hot, you add a brand to it. Now that’s what I call packaging!

Kaiyodo’s Revoltech has teamed with Amazon Japan to release a limited edition Amazon Revoltech Danbo (short for Danboru ダンボール aka cardboard) come 1st December! The figure comes in the original Amazon shipping box design, battery powered led light for glowing eyes and an exchangeable Miura-chan head. Looks super adorable if you ask me. ヽ( ´∀`)ノ

The original revoltech danbo without Amazon branding


Hmmm which makes me wonder… how much can this piece of cardboard fetch from the local karang guni man?


Via Akibablog & Danny Choo


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  1. ポーク ポーク Kun

    Friday, 23 November, 2007 at 20:56

    Cute..the eye does lighted up right? I am goin to get this!!..Wonder if there is a female version hahaha

  2. Zinc

    Sunday, 25 November, 2007 at 23:07

    Boxes never look more moe than this!