Gyan goes Bling

01 Jun


So after they’ve tried sticking studs on fake nails, eyelashes & cool gadgets, you think they’ve got nothing else to plaster glitter on right? Wrong! These really macho machines are the latest victims! Now I know diamonds are a girl’s best friend. . . but this I think… is a little too bling and definitely on the wrong target -.-!





Its pretty cool and the top to toe mani and pedicure most probably did better than botox. I’ll get this guy to be my manicurist if possible. But somehow I wonder if they will start turning the rest of the Universal Century baddies into drag queens too. Maybe they’ll start a fashion trend among the Zakus, Flags, and Rick Doms.

Anyhow, this very bright model is brining in all the ka-ching! It’s selling better than hot cakes in the auction halls, true to the classics of how bling brings bucks I guess!

Would you pay big bucks for something like this? Like triple to quadruple its selling price?


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  1. Prim3

    Tuesday, 3 June, 2008 at 22:00

    Excellent looking body and shield.. so colourful.. XD

  2. Ellene

    Friday, 6 June, 2008 at 18:19

    No way will I pay for that. Hahaha..but it sure looks pretty nice, with all the colours and stuffs..hahaha

  3. Estokun

    Saturday, 7 June, 2008 at 11:34

    Humm should name it – YMS-15 Gay-san

  4. Bulman Turtle

    Tuesday, 16 October, 2012 at 19:50

    Fantasic!! Luxury Gyan !!