Final Fantasy Vs Dead or Alive 2

28 Mar

It’s better if you watch Part One before you click on the big play arrow.

Part two of Dead Fantasy (actually that’s the name of the video) is finally out! Back in October last year we’ve posted about this orsum video by Monty Oum that literally gave me a whopping jaw drop and ripped my eyes out with its mind blowing render of action kicks. It was revealed that there would be 5 episodes altogether Ψ(`∇´)Ψ. While part one ended with a cliff hanger when Tifa came to the rescue, part two had that FF chick in sizzling bicycle hot pants’ make an appearance (and a face) too! Didn’t know her to be erm that powerful though. As usual, no scratch, no messy hair & no friction on their shoes! Makes me wanna be a game babe too! Well anyway, let’s just cut to the chase and click away cos part two is just equally exaggerating! (-.-)!

Read more about its producer here.



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  1. Daniel

    Saturday, 29 March, 2008 at 16:31

    i want see the rest!! when??

  2. Ellene

    Sunday, 30 March, 2008 at 21:00

    Portraying Yuna to be that un-elegant and violent..but then again, great fight.

  3. Rokku

    Monday, 7 April, 2008 at 17:28

    Wonder which group will win?