The Many Faces of Final Fantasy XIII

14 Feb


Sitting under the umbrella ella ella ella (sorry I JUST had to do that in “tribute” to Rihanna) are the three titles – FFXIII, FF Versus XIII, and FF Agito XIII. The former two for the PS3 platform & the latter for mobile phones. So I reckon there’s no more budget left for the PSP *cry*






Okay! This obasan is getting confused. I swear I’ve not touched the game industry for some time but still I was exceedingly surprised (actually confused) to find that there’s so many variations of FF13. Okay, so it sits under the brolly of Fabula Nova Crystallis – Final Fantasy XIII – which means “The new tale of the crystal” in Latin. Why Latin? I dunno *shrugs* the good ol’ folks at Square forgot to call and tell me. But the two on PS3 looks very promising!





Ooh Storm Troopers!

This one looks like Shiva from a previous FF series.

I think I need to introduce my hairdresser to her (-.-‘)



Cloud & Sephiroth mixed? ( ;´・ω・`)人(´・ω・`; )


One thing’s for sure – Gatsby & Uno will not go out of business!



Oh the bad guys are always way cooler!


I think I’ll come to lurve him! (who ever he is -.-)





Reminds me of Garden from FFVIII


I know I know, its all about the ka-ching $$$ but seriously, do we really need 3 spin-offs for the 13th season of Final Fantasy and two on PS3 alone??

Via Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Joystiq & Square Enix


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  1. ron~

    Friday, 15 February, 2008 at 11:20

    rumours say that FF13 and FF13V will be released in Japan this year, but I think this game will get 2009 release date, Japan and US at the same time.

  2. Choo

    Saturday, 16 February, 2008 at 06:15

    Screw the guys! Love the girls! MOE and hot!

  3. EstoKun

    Saturday, 16 February, 2008 at 11:44

    Nothing can reach the Status, Class and Quality of FF Series(humm maybe X-2) but the wait is getting longer..haha..Square-Enix guys..i know they are working OT like mad. Its selfish but I do really really hope they could speed things up a tiny weeny bit. PS3 is still losing the console war. Sony and We(OtakuGamers) need you…. …

    Anyway..great post CChan. FF still top my fave game list..followed by MGS4 and DMCry4. Hugs ^_^

  4. Orphen

    Saturday, 16 February, 2008 at 17:16

    Enough with those drooling pictures and fanciful video. Square-Enix please release these titles anytime sooner. PS3 really lack of RPGs!

  5. AS

    Sunday, 24 February, 2008 at 10:48

    Lol, the destroyed remains of garden, would that be Selphie’s old one ^^? The game looks sweet, makes me want to buy a ps3.

  6. Zinc

    Monday, 25 February, 2008 at 03:30

    13 is designed to be like FF7 which the latter is a 10 year running series with lots of spin offs covering the entire timeline and characters. This was announced at the release of crisis core and FF7 10th anniversary which led me conclude that a few spin offs from the 7th series are “market tests” for the upcoming 13. Flops include dirge of cebereus and before crisis which didn’t get rave reviews for gameplay. Back to 13, I did remember coming across a “installment” for PSP and looking back at what square did for crisis core, I bet it’s gonna look damm sweet.

    Lastly, on a sidenote I absolutely hate the Rihanna song, it just sound so mud.