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27 Oct

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There’s been an ever growing popularity of video-sharing over the Internet , especially apparent when YouTube recently hosted YouTube Mix – a party just to thank users who generated the most viewed content for YouTube Japan.

But unfortunately for some, there has also been a slew of extremely compressed ones so much so that you only see blotches of blur and are barely able to make details out. Where’s the kick in that?

So we thought while the ladies are busy jabbing botox into their skin at an extremely high cost, you should be getting a virtual lasik to feast your eyes with at no cost!

Our virtual lasik trial can be summarised down to just two words – Sample here! (This page is new by the way)

Oh and did I mention that your friendly lasik surgeon is none other than Mervyn? Do check out his cool encoding skills! \(^O^)/!\(^O^)/!\(^O^)/!

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