Tokyo Life 5 – Enoshima (江ノ島)

16 Jan


I wanted to go to Kamakura but ended up in Enoshima (江ノ島) a small island seaside town next to the island of Kanagawa prefecture and to to the south of Tokyo . . .  Another classic example of my randomness! So it’s not in Tokyo. . . Thus I reckon the title’s not very apt. But anyhoos, this post is a continuation of my travelogue while loafing in  Japan the other time round so here goes!  Enoshima is a beach destination and, on a nice summer day, has a bit of the  laid-back California surfer vibe. Are we talking yet?


I took the Odakyu line setting off from Shinjuaku to Fujisawa and then made a transfer. There were other trains that goes there. .  like the ROMANCE CAR for example and I was stumped the first time I saw the advert. ROMANCE CAR??? Sounds sleazy if you ask me…  Whatever the case . . didn’t get that ticket cause I wasn’t particularly feeling romantic. There is also a 1 day  Enoshima-Kamakura Free Pass  at a steal of about 1400 Yen , which covers your round trip from Shinjuku and allows you  to take unlimited rides on the nostalgic Enoden (江ノ電) which is combination of a street car and a train, and runs on the Enoshima line.  Kinda cool for city stalkers like me.


The ride from Shinjuku to Fujisawa lasted about an hour and I remember watching people go about their daily summer lives as they board and un-board the train. People eat noodles in train as if its the most natural thing to do! Didn’t capture a shot cause I didn’t want to get smacked with half eaten noodles on my face.The ambiance change immediately the moment you arrive at Fujisawa for the transfer. Pace is MUCH slower. I could feel the sea breeze already!  The Enoden has a hundred years of history and is one of the few remaining street trains (trains that literally run along the streets) left in Japan. At one juncture the lines run SOCLOSE to the houses, you could easily peep into some one’s toilet!


Anyway let the photos do the stalking!

tokyo_life_05_enoshima_03.jpg The stops that the train makes. Enoshima is right in the middle



tokyo_life_05_enoshima_06.jpgI should be going to Kamakura!



tokyo_life_05_enoshima_09.jpgSpotted a number of classic and expensive cars.

tokyo_life_05_enoshima_10.jpgWas told that this is the famous spot where they filmed some top rated japanese drama. Clueless! But still took an obligatory shot! ha!

tokyo_life_05_enoshima_11.jpgThe sands in Japan are black!


It is always good to have beer in summer. Drown away the heat!


Flea markettokyo_life_05_enoshima_15.jpg tokyo_life_05_enoshima_16.jpg



Hotbabe – not for saletokyo_life_05_enoshima_19.jpg


Expensive dog. .  also not for saletokyo_life_05_enoshima_23.jpg tokyo_life_05_enoshima_24.jpg



tokyo_life_05_enoshima_28.jpgThat’s the island in the background

tokyo_life_05_enoshima_30.jpgHouses- station-railway – road- beach-sea

tokyo_life_05_enoshima_31.jpgThe bridge to the Eno island – The small island  is attached to the mainland by a causeway and is the main tourist attraction. I wonder why. It’s just a bridge!


tokyo_life_05_enoshima_33.jpgEnoshima Shrine (江島神社 Enoshima-jinja). 2-3-8 Enoshima. Best known for its rather unusual naked statue of Benzaiten (裸弁財天 hadaka Benzaiten), a Shinto deity rarely found in such a state, which I never got to see


tokyo_life_05_enoshima_35.jpgMap of the island


tokyo_life_05_enoshima_37.jpgYou only tie this up when you’ve prayed and received a bad fortune!


tokyo_life_05_enoshima_39.jpgView of main island from Enoshima. It was said that Mt. Fuji could be seen from the top of Enoshima on clear days (best season for viewing is winter). But every time I read about things like that, I have absolutely no idea which direction to face to find that mountain

tokyo_life_05_enoshima_41.jpgYou can choose to walk up or take the escalator up. You’ll have to pay a whopping 700 yen to ride the escalator though! That’s about 10 bucks here!


When I reached the top, I immediately spotted a long queue. As if by Singaporean nature, I joined without even knowing what’s in stored. Turned out. . . tokyo_life_05_enoshima_43.jpg

it’s Tako Senbei! Octopus Rice cake!


Method: Mix 1 octopus in batter (yes the WHOLE thing including its head) , throw it in funky old machine (yes the WHOLE thing including its tentacles), close lid and PRESS! *beware of flying bits of batter!


T’was the result of the long queue. It’s very yummie and well worth the wait!

tokyo_life_05_enoshima_46.jpgJapanese cats are fat!

tokyo_life_05_enoshima_47.jpgI had to take this peekture because I’ve never seen a cat up on a tree before. Loser I am!!

tokyo_life_05_enoshima_48.jpgThe other side of the island offers a vast view of the w i d e  o p e n  s e a!
The island is actually surrounded by high sea cliffs, rocks and tidal pools, so there’s only one way in, and one way out. unless of cos you swim.

tokyo_life_05_enoshima_49.jpgAt Enoshima, all the women are like kunoichis, they can control their chakra and walk on water!


tokyo_life_05_enoshima_51.jpgNight has fallen and its shopping time!

There are usually a whole bunch of other things  to see off the island – like  fireworks in summer at the beach, but I didnt stay that late that day. It was said that about 5,000 fireworks are displayed in late July or in early August every year. Having viewed the Yokohama and some Tokyo fireworks which encompasses hello kitty and pokemon faces, the strange thought of fishes and turtles crept into my mind. I just can’t help wondering if they really do have fireworks in those shapes. Maybe the next time I go, I’ll see a beachboy outlined one!


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  1. mervyn

    Sunday, 17 January, 2010 at 19:17

    From the first picture, I thought you were the guys in the VW Bug…I remember there was lotsa hawks preying on beach picnic goers. Nice pictures!

  2. AS

    Monday, 18 January, 2010 at 09:37

    Wow, a whole octopus senbei. Didn’t even know they made something like that lol. Definitely looks delicious and something I need to keep my eyes out for the next time I visit Japan.

  3. Rin

    Saturday, 23 January, 2010 at 14:41

    Now I feel like going there on my third trip to Japan in the summer…
    I just might make a day trip there…seems to have some wonderful places to see!!!
    Kawaii cat photos!!!
    700yen to ride an escalator…I rather walk…

  4. dice

    Sunday, 7 March, 2010 at 23:19

    Thanks Rin. You should go back there! it’s good for health!
    Hope to see you there soon! haha!