Cell phone straps: Hello Kitty

08 Feb


I’ve always thought that cell phone straps are quite pointless. Well, I still think so! Other than a money making ideology, what other logical and fundamental function do they really serve? I could really write a thesis on their functionality actually. But having said that, the rebellious side of me wanted to prove myself wrong. (Actually I’m just bored. . . to death) So here I am, trying to post about something cute. . .

The Hello Kitty strappies comes in 9 adorable fruit versions. All squishy without the aroma & juice. My fave’s ichigo (strawberry) of course but I think ringo chan (apple) is quite cute too! (^_^)


イチゴ | Ichigo Strawberry

メロン | Melon

アップル | Apple

オレンジ | Orange

バナナ| Banana

パイナップル | Pineapple

グレープ | Grape

ピーチ | Peach

チェリー | Cherry

Ok I admit I was totally put off by the CNY holidays and bored to the core. Think I’ll challenge myself by starting a string of post for something I’ve zero affinity for (ie da Cell phone straps). And what better way than to roll it off with a double dosage of “ZERO affinity “- cell phone straps AND Hello Kitty. Let’s see where this’ll take me. . .

So what other purpose you reckon they serve? Attract more Lolicons?

Images & product via Strappy World


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  1. nna

    Saturday, 9 February, 2008 at 03:13

    so much meaning and subliminal value for such cute lil’ things, indeed.
    Where do you get these? I particularly like the banana and cherry ones. The banana one resembles a bananaphone :P And cherries are a risque fruit.

  2. Ellene

    Monday, 11 February, 2008 at 11:59

    you really are too bored, that i can see…..