Akiba Oden Curry | アキバハラ おでんカレー

07 Oct

Another interesting moe food product from Japan.

I was walking around Daikanyama when I saw this Akihabara Oden Curry selling in a vending machine, inside a lifestyle furnishing shop!! There was a small note (captured below) on the shelf giving a brief description of what it is. Thank god the note’s in English.

What got my attention wasn’t the weird vending machine looking so out of place in a furnishing shop, but the very moe – looking imouto 妹(Younger Sister) on its cover saying “Tuck in, Oniichan (elder brother)”. Manufactured by Daito and selling at only 500 Yen (SGD$6.60) a pack, I’d say it’s a steal!

The back cover details the ingredients (which are made up of flavoured curry power, a quail’s egg, beef , sea kelp & radish – quite standard for a Oden dish) and the methods of cooking. I wonder why they even bother printing the cooking methods out if imouto chan here is going to cook it for oniichan anyway~

Anyway, molded after the popular concept of Oden Cans, this instant Oden Curry was released in Akihabara on the 25th April this year and was apparently 5000 packets were sold within a week! I was just wondering if there were really that many hungry Otakus and did they also do the Singaporean Queue for this curry.

By the way the packet of Oden Curry consist of ONLY curry. Don’t expect rice to be in the same pack. You’ll most have to buy another pack of white rice for 200 Yen.

How to cook Oden Curry:

  1. Insert the medium sized sealed aluminum sack water and bring it to a boil. Cook the packet for 5 minutes
  2. Once done, transfer the content to a heatproof container, and heat it up in the microwave set at 500W and approximately for 2 minutes. (Or 1 min 30 secs at 600W)


  1. Sit and wait for Imouto chan to magically appear from the box & cook the curry for you.

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  1. Zinc

    Sunday, 7 October, 2007 at 12:42

    Got bad impression of packed curry from NS (one of the field ration was curry rice) and its like curry powder, half baked rice and a bit of water all meshed up together at room temperature.

  2. mervyn

    Sunday, 7 October, 2007 at 13:11

    I remember the pack of white rice I had in NS felt very synthetic. During topology exercises I’d only bring the muesli bars and biscuits along. The best were the desserts, especially if you ice the green bean dessert.