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03 Oct

As IRC data is transmitted in plain text, what is send from your PC to the IRC server can be captured or recorded by your ISP. For example,

EHo@#Q).Th=PWPRIVMSG hocchan :xdcc send #101

can be captured by the ISP. What the above says is that the user is sending an IRC message to hocchan to request for xdcc pack #101. If SSL is used to connect to the IRC server, then any information that is exchanged between your PC and the IRC server will be encrypted.

  1. You will need mIRC version 6.14 or later.
  2. OpenSSL libraries version 0.9.7d or later. All that is required are two files and the next point tells of where they can be obtained.
  3. Place libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll into your mIRC directory(folder). These two files are available here. Compliments of Rizon.
  4. Startup mIRC, go to mIRC Options -> Connect > Options and you should see the new SSL option.
  5. Click on ‘OK’
  6. To connect using SSL, use the plus(+) sign before the port number. e.g. /server -e +9999
  7. A “Security Alert” dialog will pop up, click on ‘Accept’.
  8. After you are connected, run the irc whois command on yourself and you should see “nickname is using a secure connection”.
  9. To double confirm, in mIRC, type “//echo $sslready” and mIRC should reply with ‘$true’.

Congratulations, you are now connected to the IRC server via SSL. Valid SSL port numbers for Rizon IRC network are 6697 and 9999.


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