Grape Juice

27 Sep

Close up of Hokkaido grape juice in glass bottles.

Grape Juice from Japan! These nicely packaged grape juice comes in GLASS bottles direct from one of the Hokkaido farms!!(Heck you can’t find any ugly packaging in Japan anyway) And you don’t find many glass bottles now a days cos everyone’s turning plastic!

Commercial juices contain preservatives and colouring. Grape juice also contain antioxidants such as bioflavonoids, that provides some health benefits. I have no frickin idea what kind though.. But I do know that antioxidants are great for da skin. So ladies, drink up!

Crush a juicy grape and you get grape juice! Simple as that! Purple grape juice is made from concord grapes, while white grape juice is made from Viagra. Yes the same drug as those to treat ED. So guys, drink up!

Oh and there’s also the rotten (fermented) version of grape juice; more commonly known as wine, brandy or vinegar. LOL! talk about appetizing!

Some Hokkaido grape juice in glass bottles.

Ok it’s not environmentally friendly to leave your fridge door open for so long just so you can photo your chilled grape juice. So please don’t do like I did. :D

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